The firm is engaged in every type of work performed in the offices of a soundly based and experienced medium-sized firm of Nigerian Chartered Accountants, ranging from the audit of Public and Private Companies, to attending to the personal business and taxation affairs of individuals.


In accordance with approved accounting standards, we attend to the preparation of financial statements for individuals, partnerships, companies and all forms of international corporations.

We audit financial accounts in accordance with the best modern practice to ensure that the information is accurate, shows a true and fair view and is in accordance with current legislation.

We carry out procedures in:

– Identifying areas to increase operational efficiency;

– Identifying areas to increase profitability

– Improving Accounting and Reporting systems 

– Advising on appropriate business controls

– Reviewing computer systems, controls over their use and security and data analysis

– Keeping clients informed of developments in commercial law, applicable technology and Governance reforms and regulations issues.


We provide a full range of taxation services which Include:
Taxes Design, Administration, Implementation ,
Efficient Operational Structures design,
Reform agenda formulation ,
Staff recruitment and training,
Personal and corporate Income tax,
P.A.Y.E, Value added Tax, Property tax Administration & Control Systems.
Back Duty, Appeal and Tax Planning for both our Local and international clients.

We are equipped to offer our client the fullest range of taxation advise covering all fields of Companies Tax, Personal Tax, Capital Gains Tax etc.

We advise on the establishment of appropriate structures to mitigate taxation liabilities on all aspects of tax.

We assist in obtaining Tax Clearance Certificates, (both for Local and International) and render advice on objections, appeals and Pioneer Companies relief.

We advise all clients regularly on the changes in Tax laws and Regulations through “Nigerian Tax Update” which we publish from time to time after the release of Government’s Annual Budget.


We advise businesses on the most appropriate method of obtaining finance and assist in submitting applications to Banks and other Financial Institutions. We also collaborate in the presentation of budgets, cash-flow and profit forecasts.

Our experience in this field covers the entire range of activities from a full Stock Exchange listing and procedure for new companies entering the Second-tier Securities Market (SSM), down to the borrowing of small amounts from Banks for working capital.

Affiliated Services 

We provide referral services for companies that need secretarial services


Over the years we have developed vast experience and skills to help our clients improve their business operations and meet their growing needs in respect of :

Management consultancy

Corporate financing

Executive recruitment and selection

Personnel service

Financial sector services


Investment management and appraisal

Litigation support

Trust administration.

Micro or Macro policy Design, implementation and Impact Assessment.


With the introduction of value Added Tax in 1993, businesses that provide or purchase goods and services are now faced with added legal and financial responsibilities. As specialists in this field, we are able to provide assistance in the form of overviews or in depth reviews of the tax and its implications, procedures and concessions, as they impact on business activities and the modifications required to present methods of accounting avoiding the risk of incurring penalties.

The provision of training for staff.

Ensuring that new ventures utilize all possibilities under the legislation to ensure that the maximum tax efficiency is achieved.

Negotiating and meeting with officials responsible for the administration of the new tax to ensure that the interests of clients are protected.


Our clients are engaged in every aspect of industrial, commercial, professional and business activities. This include light and heavy industry, investments, wholesale and retail distribution, import and export, professional and financial services, property investment and development, construction industry, transport, food, catering and hotels, jewelry, clothing, footwear, chemical and pharmaceuticals, Banking and Insurance, Universities and other institutions of higher learning, Government Agencies and Parastatals, Petroleum-Oil Services and all facets of the leisure industry.


 Our fees are based on charge-out rates that are competitive within the profession, as laid down by the institute of chartered Accountants of Nigeria. It is however, not possible for us to quote our fees in advance as they are based on the actual time expended on the individual assignment.

Nevertheless all our charges provide for substantial discount on rates recommended / lay down by the institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN) of Nigeria, are competitive within the profession and are negotiable.