Hi, We are egunjobiadegbite

The Firm was founded in 1966 by Chief A. A. Egunjobi who
Practiced under the name of A. A. Egunjobi & Co., Chartered
Accountants. The name was changed to Egunjobi, Sulaiman
& Co. in 1969 and the firm was later reconstituted into Egunjobi, Adegbite, Ogunniyi & Co. in 1985. Upon the withdrawal of Mr. R. O. Ogunniyi from the Partnership, the firm took up the name Egunjobi, Adegbite & Co. (Chartered Accountants) with effect from 1st July, 1993 having registered the name under the relevant Nigeria law on 22nd October, 1992 with corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) with registration number BN. LIS. 005679



 has always practiced from offices in Lagos, Kaduna and Ibadan and has occupied its present offices since its reconstitution in 1985.


and a staff strength of over 40. Most of our partners have trained with the firm and it is anticipated that future partners will be selected from qualified and experienced members of staff, thus preserving our style and character.


 that our primary responsibility is to appreciate and serve the constantly changing need of our clients and to offer them a personal and responsive service.


We have excellent complement of qualified and competent staff adequately supported by graduate trainees of various grades for the whole range of services described in this brochure. In order to be able to provide excellent professional service to our clients, we adopt a sound recruitment policy and are committed to an all round staff training and staff development viz:

training for professional

examinations through tuition and other courses.

closely supervised

on-the-job training

on-the-job training

both internal and external

All these ensure that our staff are equipped with the skills necessary to provide the broad range of services set out in this brochure to our clients.