The forests and riparian areas of Rock Creek Park are home to more than 150 species of birds. xref A fish ladder is a structure that is built and designed to permit the movement of fish above a barrier of some kind and it could be a sewer line or, in the case of Rock Creek, it’s a historic dam that’s eight feet tall. The fish came back on the next cast but then drifted back to the center of the stream and never showed its self again. Find more fishing reports in Pennsylvania. Abandoned mine drainage remains (AMD) the primary source of this pollution. So whether it's a bass fishing report, or a trout we invite you to submit a fishing report and help us to promote the sport. 0000004123 00000 n 0000011605 00000 n Rock Creek supports a diverse assortment of animal life, given its location in the densely populated Washington, DC, region. "The hard part is finding this little gem as the maps don't seem to be all that accurate. So keep looking for another spot nearby and you'll be glad you did. 0000001521 00000 n The creek looks great and is holding fish but weather is getting real cold now and gonna make for tougher fishing conditions. 0000001265 00000 n 2022 - Private ownership. Use a screenshot for the thumbnail with Doug in it 0000001863 00000 n The habitat assessment went upstream for 400 meters. 1 Largemouth Bass water. See Doug and friends fishing the Slippery Rock Creek in PA for Trout and Smallmouth Bass. Boulder step pools were installed in a Rock Creek Park stream segment. 0000003151 00000 n STATION.--03106500 SLIPPERY ROCK CREEK AT WURTEMBURG, PA LOCATION.--Lat 40`53'02", long 80`14'02", Lawrence County, Hydrologic Unit 05030105, on left bank at downstream side of highway bridge at Camp Allegheny, 2 mi north of Wurtemburg, and 2.8 mi upstream from mouth. If you're looking to fish in the general area be sure to check out Hot Spots tab to see where the fish In the spring, Quill Gordons, Blue-Winged Olives, and Light Cahills along with a mix of caddis can be found. Geology The bedrock at McConnell’s Mill State Park was formed over 300,000,000 years ago as layers of peat, mud and sand were compressed. Slippery Rock Creek, however, can be very dangerous. 0000003551 00000 n Family Friendly 0000010399 00000 n The best biting pond in Wilkes County. are biting. Some of these birds live in the park year-round. 0000000851 00000 n 0000009188 00000 n 0000003795 00000 n There’s a baffle that will increase in height as you go from the bottom of the fish ladder to the top. Lake Arthur. Grab your binoculars! It is stocked downstream from Crolls Mill Dam in Butler County downstream to the Armstrong Road Bridge in Lawrence County. 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PERIOD OF RECORD.--October 1911 to current year. 0000000016 00000 n United States; Pennsylvania; Slippery Rock Creek; Slippery Rock Creek is a stream in Pennsylvania, United States. startxref On HookandBullet, we invite you to share your knowledge with others - what tackle is working, Sections of the creek are stocked with trout by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. <<663EAE35D6DFB147B489437158D79E9B>]>> Rock-strewn Slippery Rock Creek is famed for its trout fishing and offers a tranquil place to take in McConnells Mill State Park’s expansive green spaces. Fish species observed in Rock Creek and its tributaries include eastern blacknose dace, bluntnose minnow, yellow bullhead, satinfin shiner, swallowtail shiner, longnose dace, and American eel. Fishing is allowed anywhere in the park (except dam structures), and hiking paths along the creek supply access to the water. Rainbow trout, brook trout, lake trout, bass, carp, etc. The Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition has been actively engaged in addressing AMD through land reclamation and the installation of passive treatment systems. Not too far from the city limits of Pittsburgh flows a stream known for its incredible trout and small mouth bass fishing. A detailed fishing report for the Wolf Creek will make the difference between a good fishing here and a bad one. Currently, fresh water species. Slippery Rock Creek is a good place for smallies and trout. Trout are also stocked in North Branch Slippery Rock Creek and in Wolf Creek, a major tributary. The creek is easily blown out with rain, but during July/August, the creeks are usually lower, so u should be good. All rights reserved. Howard Grill/Getty Images. Slippery Rock Creek. 0 I have caught fish on wooley buggers, sizes 8-12, mini foo micro jigs, size 1/32 and 1/64. Check out our, Scope Adjustment: 2-Shot Method to Scope Sighting. endstream endobj 222 0 obj <>/Size 197/Type/XRef>>stream x�b```f``eg`e`�ha�a@ �(���A��'�i @q$ �P�����#,�&r�Hχ�L�뜘_�_�3-��)R�L�!��| ]l��4[1��'n6�nU ��� � �r 0000012779 00000 n Slippery Rock Creek flows southward through Butler County and Lawrence County. The PFBC stocks over 21 miles of Slippery Rock Creek, including the 5.8-mile stretch of the park’s waters, with mostly Rainbow Trout, according to PFBC Fisheries Biologist Tim Wilson, but some Brown Trout and golden rainbow trout are also stocked. Not a giant but a nice fish around the 40 inch range that I wish would have grabbed the bait. 0000015473 00000 n Slippery Rock Creek is a small stream in Western Pennsylvania, a tributary of Connoquenessing Creek. Widely considered to be Pennsylvania's No. Lots of 3 to 5 pounders are available. SLIPPERY ROCK CREEK. 0000004045 00000 n Slippery Rock Creek is home to a handful of mayfly hatches, some of them quite good. Slippery Rock Creek is a favorite for whitewater kayakers and canoeists from Pittsburgh and Ohio.With Class-II and -III rapids and engaging beauty, it attracts regular paddlers from novice to advanced level. 197 0 obj <> endobj Youghiogheny River . Heading southward into Beaver River, Slippery Rock Creek has remote, gorgeous stretches that can be accessed by trails in McConnells Mill State Park. Alternate names for this stream include Rock Creek. H��VMO�0��W���ڎ?b q� � Fly Fish area only section of the creek. Others pass through on their way to areas further north in the summer and further south in the winter. Nothing. 0000002258 00000 n 0000002627 00000 n Thanks to a formula used by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission that factors in … 0000007187 00000 n However,..." Gilkerson Reservoir, "Slow day but caught three small males and one 2 lb female..." North Park Lake, "During the period 1950-1960, my father and I experienced numerous successful fishing expeditions at..." Pine Lake. what fish species can be found here, and where the fish are hiding. In October, the smallmouth fishing will be good and the Fall Stockings are presently scheduled for early October, so you should have good fishing for trout in the Delayed Harvest sections of Slippery Rock Creek. 02 of 05. x�bbba`b``Ń3� �c� �� Restoration projects. About Fishing Reports for Wolf Creek near Slippery Rock. 0000008296 00000 n Licenses are required to fish in Pennsylvania, ... not too far from the city limits of Pittsburgh, Slippery Rock Creek is known for its incredible trout fishing. The Slippery Rock Creek supports a variety of coldwater and warmwater fish species. There is a good variety of deep and shallow pools to serve as homes for different species. This stretch of Slippery Rock Creek that crosses the county line between Butler and Lawrence Counties supports three species of concern. August marks the beginning of the White Fly hatch, which provides a unique opportunity to catch smallmouth bass on dry flies. 0000015992 00000 n DRAINAGE AREA.--398 square miles. A detailed fishing report for the Wolf Creek will make the difference between a good fishing here and a bad one. 0000006147 00000 n Three areas of the stream are stocked with trout. There are not many rocky riffles here because it is one of the places in the world where travertine forms and the riffles have become travertine bedrock. Let's face it, there's a lot we can learn and share from one another like what bait or lure is generating the best results. Rock Creek is monitored at the 40’ Swimming Hole. From Heinz camp Property Line downstream to a point ¼ mile downstream of Armstrong Bridge on St. Rt. The flyshop in Volant mentioned is right on Neshannock Creek, which also has a Delayed Harvest Area and should be stocked. What will you find in the park? Tips, tactics, gear reviews for everything from bass and bluegills to stripers and bluefish - if it's fishing related, we cover it. The creek is wide so that while there is good vegetation along the banks, there is a modest amount of shade over the creek to help keep the water cool. McConnells Mills State Park, PA. 0000005054 00000 n Prize Fishing Carp Lake. Followers. The 15 mile long section from Slippery Rock Road to the property line of Heinz Camp has one preseason stocking and two inseason stockings. Aquatic life will be happier and campers safer since a dam was removed from the Slippery Rock Creek. 223 0 obj <>stream Slippery Rock Creek is a stream located just .4 miles from Ellport, in Lawrence County, in the state of Pennsylvania, United States, near Ellwood City, PA. Fishermen will find that there are no fish here. That's right, no fish. Slippery Rock Creek is impacted by numerous sources of non-point pollution. The banks are ver… %%EOF You’ll find warm water species here like smallmouth bass, musky and walleye. Heading south into Beaver River, Slippery Rock Creek has remote, gorgeous stretches that can be accessed by trails in McConnells Mill State Park. Best Fish & Chips in Slippery Rock, Butler County: Find 480 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of THE BEST Fish & Chips and search by price, location, and more. Parts of Slippery Rock Creek are as tough wading as they come. 0000019816 00000 n No rainbows, no steelies, no pinks, no perch, no muskies. 0000007349 00000 n trailer PENNSYLVANIA WILDS. A variety of reptiles and amphibians, including terrestrial salamanders, mudpuppies, frogs, lizards, and snakes, dwell near the creek and contributing streams. Slippery Rock Creek Lawrence - Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission assures that anglers will have plenty of chances to catch fish by stocking trout and bass in the waters of Slippery Rock Creek. Let's face it, there's a lot we can learn and share from one another like what bait or lure is generating the best results. I have also used mini rappalas in silver and brown trout color with success. The most popular species caught here are Smallmouth bass, Common carp, and Rainbow trout 62 catches are logged on Fishbrain. There are over 160 types of birds, 35 types of fish, and 30 mammals that can be found spending at least part of their lives in the creek or surrounding area. 1 catches; 184 followers; 1 spots; Stocked brown and rainbow trout - southeast corner Lawrence County. 0000015735 00000 n From its source in Hilliards in Butler County, it flows through McConnells Mill State Park before flowing into the Connoquenessing in Ellwood City. Find hybrid stripers, black Crappie and some Walleye. 197 27 But then again, I'm about to tell you where the western Pennsylvania water isn't so slippery … The creek heelsplitter (Lasmigona compressa), a mussel species of concern, lives here in gravel and cobble substrate in riffle habitats. The half-mile long section from Heinz Camp to the area below the State Route 2022 Bridge is Catch and Release Fly-Fishing Only. Then, the Connoquenessing flows into the Beaver River just three miles south from the mouth of Slippery Rock. Ks+Bl�i�mZ���;�I�&h�D]������s��`�D..���k��������ɔ��� �#UV�[����q�p"H�p�9W$����K��)��8�. %PDF-1.4 %���� 107 were here. 0000003514 00000 n