List of London Grammar Schools. The “common catchment area” for the borough’s grammar schools covers the entirety of Redbridge and some parts of neighbouring boroughs, mostly to the north and west. For some grammar schools, it is not simply enough for your child to pass the exam, but they have to be in the catchment area too. To find schools near you, please use the Bucks County Council Find my child a school place service to find information about the schools closest to you and in your catchment. The ‘postcode lottery’ is itself a form of selection. All 3 Sutton boys grammar schools have non catchment places. ... Catchment. catchment area addresses can also be viewed here. However, students who reside within the catchment area have to pass the test to exactly the same standard as all the other students, but if the school is over subscribed, places will be offered to catchment area students as a priority. The place of residence will be taken as the child’s permanent address on the date of the entrance exam. Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls You can read more information about each of Birmingham’s grammar schools on the Grammar Schools in Birmingham website. In addition, by creating new priority catchment areas, we will ensure that all children eligible for the Pupil Premium who achieve a standard qualifying score (205) and who live in the catchment area will be able attend their local selective school if they want. Frequently Asked Questions can be viewed here. It is possible to see every state school’s real catchment area – the area within which pupils actually live. Admissions. Below are links to each area of London (and surrounding areas) which have grammar schools. In some cases Grammar Schools will have geographic restrictions on who can apply and in others they are open entry. It is essential to check the school catchment area before beginning your 11+ preparation to ensure that you are aiming for the right school. Please see the document below concerning admissions arrangements for BGS from September 2019. Click on the link from the list of grammar schools in London to allow you to look at each school individually. Image caption In Reading, both the grammar schools give high priority to children who have received free school meals in the past six years and live within the catchment area Grammar school … Please click here to view catchment area map. Aylesbury Grammar School (an Academy Trust School since 1 July 2011) is designated as a grammar school for boys. School Catchment Area. Parents should check with each school for their admissions criteria because these do change frequently. Just like state schools, grammar school catchment areas vary by school. Determined Admission Arrangements 2020-21 – BEVERLEY GRAMMAR SCHOOL. The Good Schools Guide has come up with a Catchment Area Analysis System that generates a graphic snapshot of the geographical spread of addresses from which pupils have been admitted to a school. The school's Admissions Policy for 2021 can be viewed here. The admissions policy for the school follows The Coordinated Admissions Scheme for Secondary Schools in the Area of Buckinghamshire Council Local Authority (the County Scheme) unless stated. Such a move is not necessarily cheap, and must presumably cause a fair bit of disruption to family life. Only children born between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010 can take the entrance test in 2020 for entry in September 2021. Admissions & Catchment. However, I would raise a note of caution before looking to move area. Hertfordshire- Choosing your new Grammar school. It is no secret that being in the catchment area of a good local school can substantially increase the price of a house.