Either way, the Great Khans will proceed to kill Karl, and the optional objective will be completed. location (2) Find Regis evidence that Caesar will annihilate the Great Khans. Talk to Regis about the Khans' allegiance. Finding it organically is virtually impossible. With the Legion Slave Ledger in-hand, there's nothing left to do but to return to Red Rock Canyon with your evidence. Fallout: New Vegas; Deathclaws help ! Return to Red Rock Canyon and speak to Papa Khan. While a quick resolution to this side quest from here involves a high Speech skill, you should already have a Speech skill high enough to do what's necessary, since we've stressed endlessly in both the Basics section and the Walkthrough of how ridiculously important a jacked-up Speech skill is. Steps... (1) Convince Jack and Diane to speak out against Caesar. 213 comments. Upon going through all of the various dialogue options, talk to Papa Khan again. When asking Papa Khan to break his alliance with the Legion, one might have to select the second option (Caesar will enslave the Khans) in order to start the quest. You can also talk with Karl and get some more information using your skills: [Speech 25], [Speech 50], [Speech 75]. To obtain Jack and Diane's trust, one only needs to convince one of them. Talk to Ezekiel about the history of the Great Khans. (5) Return the Legion slave ledger to Regis. Find Diane proof that the Legion persecutes drug runners. Ok so far, iv convinced everybody EXCEPT Jack and Diane. I'm about 24 hours in and doing the quest "oh papa" where you must talk to Melissa to convince the … 1 Synopsis 2 Walkthrough 2.1 Assassination 2.2 Diplomacy 3 Quest stages 4 Notes 5 Behind the scenes 6 Bugs The Great Khans have recently aligned themselves with Caesar's Legion, spelling doom … #3 get the diary laying on the desk in the legion camp. I need help on "Oh My Papa" Fallout New Vegas Quest!? "Oh My Papa" Quest Bugged? Wipe out the Great Khans at Red Rock Canyon. That is to say, you're going to have to go overland through treacherous, mountainous terrain in order to get there. (4) (Optional) Find a way to disgrace Karl in front of Papa Khan. *Convince jack and diane to speak out against caesar. chevron_left. This side quest is intimately intertwined with the faction known as the Great Khans, who are located in their greatest numbers at their main encampment, Red Rock Canyon on the far western edge of the Mojave Wasteland. Then, you can speak to Papa Khan, though he won't have much to say to you. videogame_asset My games. There is a bug in this quest with regard to Melissa's support making it impossible to complete the "Oh my papa" quest if you speak to Melissa first and do her "Don't Make a Beggar of Me" quest. If the player character's infamy with the Great Khans is too high (at least Vilified) then one will not get the dialogue option from Colonel Moore to assassinate Papa Khan, and assassinating him anyway will not advance the quest. This is also literal, as Regis takes the seat to Papa's right in the Long House. Talk to Regis about convincing Papa Khan. Fallout: New Vegas Xbox 360 walkthrough and guide at GameSpy - Check out the latest walkthroughs and guides for Xbox 360. They're posted at a unique location to the north of Red Rock Canyon, called Red Rock Drug Lab. Reviews: 14. i think his name is but i havent gotten a quest from them. Anyone have a solution for me? It has some skulls in front and an NCR flag inside. Another option is to wait until the afternoon, Papa Khan can be found in the outhouse behind the longhouse. You are given several different solutions. In Dead Money, players must work alongside three other captured wastelanders to recover the Sierra Madre Casino treasure. Assassinate Papa Khan without being detected. We're most interested in staying on the Great Khans' good side so that they help us during the main quest known as Wild Card: Side Bets . Alternatively, with high enough Speech (at least 75 to get through all 3 Speech checks), Karl can be provoked into revealing his true feelings about the Khans. Jack and Diane are located closest to you, so you might as well go visit with them first and take care of business with them. Duders i'm stuck ! Upon speaking to Papa Khan after convincing the other Great Khans, one can pass one of two 75 Speech checks to convince him to break the alliance with Caesar's Legion: Choosing the first Speech check ("claim your own glory") will have the Khans evacuating Red Rock Canyon during the Battle of Hoover Dam (yielding Great Khans fame). "Oh My Papa" Help - posted in New Vegas Spoilers: on the quest "Oh My Papa" Apparently there is a dialogue option that you trigger with Papa Khan that gets Regis to talk to you outside the long house. Follow him in and wait till around 2 am while sneaking with a silenced weapon (or melee), reverse pickpocket an explosive, or use the. Its outcome will affect what the Great Khans do by the end of the game. VMS45 So I've been playing through Fallout New Vegas and I'm at the quest "Oh My Papa" trying to convince everyone to not join the Legion. - posted in New Vegas Technical Support: This has been driving me nuts. Regis Legion armor can be used without problem up until one enters the drawbridge to the inner camp. I'm following the guide and it says that I need to finish Oh My Papa before Ring... Now, it;s confusing.. User Lists: 5 #1 Edited By Yanngc33. According to the Fallout Wikia, I'm screwed and she'll not be there and I can't complete the quest. The title of the quest is a reference to a song of the same name performed as an instrumental by trumpeter Eddie Calvert in the UK and as a vocal by Eddie Fisher in the US. Zhaeo. The problem I'm getting is that Regis won't acknowledge that I have the journal. See if the man sitting next to Papa Khan, Regis, has left. For Fallout: New Vegas on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled ""Oh My Papa" Quest help (possible bug)". Jackdescribes him as "Cool. This will result in Khan fame and Papa Khan's unique armor to loot. In two words, quite complicated. I have googled it and in none of the sites can I find an answer. When you do, he'll automatically engage you in conversation. Ranch State Park to the south, or Remnants Bunker and Ranger Station Foxtrot to the north. close. If you want a good point to spring-off from that's somewhat close by, however, consider Spring Mt. This side quest can be, in a word, complicated. ive tried talking to papa khan and his son regis? Show it to Papa Khan - he will kill Karl after a moment #2. 3.1k. Papa will refuse. Games. You can easily walk there if you haven't been there already. Shes up past the Sloan Quarry, which is though a Deathclaw nest. And although I took Karl's journal out of the footlocker, there is no option to give it to Papa. Obtain the support of Papa Khan's four advisors. One will learn that the Khans have an alliance with Caesar's Legion. Questing For Crocker Youll Know It When It Happens. Unfortunately, Red Rock Canyon is one of those few locations on the map that don't have an easy springing-off point. He will tell the player character that they can convince Papa Khan to end their alliance with the Legion by obtaining the support of the 4 advisors (Regis. Colonel Cassandra Moore requires the Couriers assistance in cleaning up the region and eliminating some of the NCR's problems. The current objectives are: *Find diane proof that the legion prosecutes drug runners. Papa Khan will reject the player character's accusation if they bring up the slave ledger with him instead of Karl's journal. Talk to the Followers of the Apocalypse about the Great Khans. One solution is to use, One can turn in the journal and if they quickly go talk to Karl before the Great Khans kill him; one can still do the Speech checks. Either way, when you arrive, seek out the longhouse on the compound, where the Great Khan leadership is located. It is a journal owned by Karl. This evidence can be found at none other than ground zero for Legion activities -- a place known simply as The Fort. Red Rock Canyon Do this while inside the Great Khan Longhouse, with Papa Khan also present. Jack and Diane are intimately intertwined in another Side Quest known as Aba Daba Honeymoon , so you may or may not have already met them. In fact, The Fort should be too, so you can quick-travel there effortlessly to get the ball rolling on the evidence Regis needs to become convinced. As long as it's at a reasonable hour, you'll find men and women sitting around eating. Both at Cottonwood Cove and the Fort, even if you've already been there and completely cleared its occupants, still be on the lookout for stragglers. The, Exhaust all chat options with Regis and Karl. This will ensure that if you haven't learned about a possible Great Khan-Caesar's Legion alliance somewhere else in the game before undertaking this side quest, you'll know now. #1 through dialog, start a fight with the legioare. Scroll down to the ending. How To: Fix the Oh My Papa Melissa bug in Fallout: New Vegas with the console By Rachel J; 11/16/10 5:45 PM; WonderHowTo. Note: This is a multiple option quest. Find a way to disgrace Karl in front of Papa Khan. The player must have completed Oh My Papa in favor of leaving the Mojave in order for Rivas to give you the last part of the quest. If you assassinate Papa Khan, and haven't yet completed Why Can't We Be Friends?, you will instantly fail it. 2. For the Republic, Part 2Wild Card: Side BetsAba Daba Honeymoon. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Head inside the longhouse. Yanngc33. If all the commanders in Forlorn Hope are assassinated for the corresponding Caesar quest, Papa Khan will inform the player character that upon his death they will become the new chief. (Optional): Find a way to disgrace Karl in front of Papa Khan. (It's true that you may be interested in preserving the Caesar's Legion-Great Khans alliance. If so, that's totally fine, but that route isn't covered here. If you don't have a Speech skill high enough, however, you'll need to find another route towards the end of the quest, which isn't covered here. Find Regis either in the longhouse or in his tent and follow the conversation. This may require reading. During the daytime you will see, Talk to Papa Khan. (3) Convince Melissa to speak out against Caesar. You can walk there if you must, but there are other locations around the encampment that you can quick-travel to if you'd like, including Goodspring Cemetery to the west, Quarry Junction to the east, and the Yangtze Memorial to the south. What happens here is that Regis will tell you exactly who to speak with and what to do with each person (him included) to convince everyone that Caesar's Legion is not to be trusted. Convince Regis to speak out against Caesar. Related quests share. Pretty Pretty Horsies: A History of the Mongol Empire, https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Oh_My_Papa?oldid=3270468. Use of Drugs, Strong Language, Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Sexual Content, Best Movie, TV and Comics of the Year Awards 2020, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. His tent is located near the big fire with the roasting brahmin. Fallout: New Vegas. When you finally stumble upon this tiny, obscure location, you'll encounter a trio of Great Khans who are waiting for an illicit drug shipment from the NCR. Oh My Papa is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Bring evidence of Karl's plan to Papa Khan. Fallout: New Vegas side quest Once there, seek out Regis, who should be back inside the longhouse. Oh My Papa is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Halfway through the quest, one may be randomly attacked several times by two recruit legionaries who say "Karl sends his regards" if one fast travels to and from the Red Rock Location. Board index ‹ Fallout ‹ Fallout: New Vegas; Change font size; ... "Redoing" Oh My Papa » Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:16 pm . Fallout: New Vegas -- Dead Money Summary : In Dead Money, players must work alongside three other captured wastelanders to recover the Sierra Madre Casino treasure. The problem I have is you cannot just walk up to Regis in the Great Khan clan house and and get the dialogue for the Oh My Papa quest. This area is absolutely rife with dangerous Deathclaws, however, so keep your wits about you. This can be accomplished by telling Papa Khan about Karl's journal, as above. Regis, Papa Khan and Karl sitting at the table The bed he sleeps in is surrounded by pre-War books as well as a few magazines, suggesting that Regis is well-read and educated. The idea is to break through to the Fort's back end, where you'll find an ornate tent. He'll agree, sending out Caesar's emissary and wrapping this side quest up. Wiki Points. These guys are the key to getting this side quest going. Thus, severing the Great Khans' ties with Caesar while staying on their good side is a prerequisite.). Either way, approach the lovebirds and engage them in conversation. 87219. Oh My Papa Fallout: New Vegas -- Dead Money Summary : In Dead Money, players must work alongside three other captured wastelanders to recover the Sierra Madre Casino treasure. Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough The NCR, Mr. House, and Caesar's Legion are battling it out for control of New Vegas. This quest is still available for if one has or are planning to join the Legion; however, while the quest does not grant Infamy for Caesar's Legion, there are still consequences for completion, such as not receiving support during. Stealing. There is a Karl's journal inside. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. With nothing left to do, use the in-game wait system to wait a while. Speaking to all of these people and completing the corresponding tasks are the only way to convince Papa Khan himself, Regis' father, that he's better off siding with the NCR. Basically, I killed Papa Kahn at the wrong time so the Great Khans never allied with the NCR. May 23, 2014 @ 11:48pm ... [SPOILERS] Can't complete "Oh my papa" I'm almost complete with the quest "Oh my papa" but I cant complete the part where you have to prove Caesar will annihilate the Great Khans. (6) Talk to Papa Khan about breaking the alliance. Finally, we have find evidence that Regis himself asked for, because he doesn't necessarily believe that a Great Khan-Legion alliance is a bad thing, either. Some players might encounter a few bugs when playing the Oh My Papa Melissa mission in Fallout: New Vegas. Speaking to both of them will net you all sorts of information, though if you use a really simple Speech check on Jack, you'll convince him that the Legion isn't any good for him or his woman. (2) … Talk:Oh my Papa - The Vault Fallout Wiki - Everything you need to know about Fallout 76, Fallout 4, New Vegas and more! She's located at an obscure destination known as the Great Khan Encampment, which is far to the southeast of Red Rock Canyon. form id 1. save. editor id When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Using that skill, you can convince Papa Khan that the Great Khans can reclaim their own greatness without the help of the Legion. Well, that was simple! Now that you've touched base with Jack, Diane, Melissa and Regis, and convinced all four of them to press Papa Khan that the alliance isn't a good idea, you can speak to Papa Khan himself. A new option will appear, where the player character can formally request that the Khans break off their relationship with the Legion. He heard one asking Papa to break off with the Legion, and agrees that an alliance with the Legion is not the best course of action for the Khans. Speak to everyone, leaving the Great Khan leader, Papa Khan, for last. (1) Convince Jack and Diane to speak out against Caesar. Update: Might want to check the wiki as well. Visit, If one assassinates Papa Khan and have not yet completed. Follow 4551. Find Regis evidence that Caesar will annihilate the Great Khans. Regis is also the enforcer of all the Great Khans laws and as such will warn the player to watch their step. If, at the end of the quest, one asks Papa Khan to ally with NCR and then tell him to stick around, the quest will remain open for the player character to solve via talking to Regis/Colonel Moore and assassinating Papa Khan. Tell Papa Khan everything you know- he will kill Karl after a moment #2. Convince Papa Khan to break the alliance with Caesar and either leave the area or suicide bomb the Dam during the final battle. Even better, you can also undertake a side quest from Melissa, one called Don't Make A Beggar of Me . I can get the cooperation of the Khans after killing Papa Khan, although I can't remember if that fails Oh My Papa. Followers. They are located due North, through the canyon at the, To obtain Melissa's trust, visit her at the, To obtain Regis' trust, one needs to find him proof that the Legion makes slaves of their allies. Fallout New Vegas Cant Start Quest Oh My Papa? 700 XP and 500 capsOR 5 Low-Condition 10mm SMGOR 2 super stimpaks Convince Melissa to speak out against Caesar. Tell him you're interested in convincing him to sever his ties with Caesar's Legion, but for the time being anyway, he won't hear of it. Forum Posts. The second Speech check ("ghosts and martyrs") will prompt them to perform a suicide attack on the Legion at the dam. I've convinced everyone except Regis. Speak to their leader, Melissa, and talk a bit about the Legion. Talk to Regis again, and he will tell the player character that if he were the group’s leader, he would ally them with the NCR instead. At that point getting caught by a Legion guard or mongrel on the way to the tent, turning the entire camp hostile, is nearly inevitable. Previously I've always been able to strong arm my way through it via console commands but since Regis won't add it to my quest log I can't manipulate it with console commands. 00140C3A If you are playing on a PC, you can open up the dev console and manually enter a few commands to fix this bug. so who do i need to talk or what requirements do i need to get the quest? The next person you're looking for is a woman named Melissa, and unfortunately, she's nowhere near Red Rock Canyon. Sneak into the Karl's room and open the Footlocker #1. 1 Synopsis 2 Walkthrough 3 Notes 4 Quest stages 5 Bugs Even though the Courier dealt with the issues the New California Republic had in Freeside, the Mojave is much bigger than that. You need to take a makeshift ferry there from Cottonwood Cove, which is at the far southeastern end of the Mojave Wasteland. Exit the Longhouse. Fallout New Vegas. Unfortunately, this tactic won't work for you if you didn't follow the path designated in the aforementioned walkthrough.